For the DO-254/D0-178C applicant struggling with knowledge, resources, process or efficiency gaps in their compliance efforts, Logicircuit offers a skilled team of professionals and/or a portfolio of products that can help. Unlike some other service companies who overcharge and under-deliver or those that offshore their work to cut costs (and often quality), Logicircuit’s experienced team of knowledgeable, high-integrity, US-based specialists provides a cost effective support system for efficient DO-254/DO-178C compliance.


Logicircuit is aligned with industry-leading DERs, uses industry-leading tools (e.g., Mentor Graphics DO-254 and LDRA DO-178C tool suites), and works in close collaboration with Xilinx to support the Aerospace and other safety critical markets for FPGAs. Whether it is integrated end-to end compliance services or the extensive set of DO-254 certifiable IP (i.e., reusable hardware components) that Logicircuit offers, companies that sign up with Logicircuit reduce risk, cost and time to market in their compliance-based projects by focusing their efforts on what they do best – design good products – while leaving the tedious aspects of DO-254/DO-178C compliance to the professionals at Logicircuit.

We are partnering with Sital Technology, Ltd. to offer a DO-254 compliant version of their MIL-STD-1553 core(s) and potentially other cores in the future.

Meet LogiCircuit

Joe Goode III | Founder  Joe Goode III poured over 40 years of experience and passion in the avionics electronics design industry into the founding of LogiCircuit. He co-pioneered one of the first color LCD displays (primary flight cockpit display) on a military aircraft and was since involved in 40+ certification related projects. He held seven US patents in aviation electronic design. Joe lost his battle with cancer in 2020 but left behind an indelible legacy in the aviation industry.

Shearer Goode | President  Shearer, Joe III’s wife, has picked up the reins, continuing the leading effort Joe established of directing LogiCircuit into the future of avionics and DO-254/178C. 

Tim Glover | Chief Operations Officer Tim has spent the last 30 years in software engineering, 20+ of which were focused exclusively on certification. Prior to joining Logicircuit, Tim was involved with 7 major and 22 minor DO-178 projects. Currently, Tim deftly leads the management and engineering teams of LogiCircuit. 

Joseph Goode IV | Vice President  Joseph Goode IV has been in the graphics media and marketing fields for 20+ years. He joined the LogiCircuit team in early 2018 to run sales and marketing and now serves as Vice President.