DO-254 AXI Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) 1.00a

The AXI Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) connects to the Advanced eXtensible Interface (AXI4). This core provides a serial interface to SPI devices such as SPI EEPROMs and SPI serial flash devices. The SPI protocol, as described in the Motorola M68HC11 data sheet, provides a simple method for a master and a selected slave to exchange data. This 32-bit soft IP core is designed to interface with the AXI4-Lite interface.

Key Features are:

  • AXI4-Lite interface is based on the AXI4 specification
  • Connects as a 32-bit AXI4-Lite slave
  • Supports four signal interface (MOSI, MISO, SCK and SS)
  • Supports slave select (SS) bit for each slave on the SPI bus
  • Supports full-duplex operation
  • Supports master and slave SPI modes
  • Supports programmable clock phase and polarity
  • Supports continuous transfer mode for automatic scanning of a peripheral



The COTS version v1.02.a is the baseline from which the DO-254 AXI Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) 1.00a comes from. Logicircuit applies the DO-254 lifecycle to this COTS version. As a result of this DO-254 process, the source code will be modified with the goal of achieving 100% code coverage, and the resulting code will be named DO-254 AXI Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) 1.00a. Below are links to the Xilinx® Product Data for the version that was used as the basis, and the Logicircuit Data Sheet of the resulting DO-254 product.

Link to the Xilinx® Product Specification:

Link to the Logicircuit Data Sheet:

DO-254 AXI Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) 1.00a Data Sheet


Device Family Support

Xilinx® Artix™-7

Xilinx® Kintex™-7

Xilinx® Virtex™-7

Xilinx® Zynq™-7000

Xilinx® Spartan®-6